Nationalism has been around since the 19th century. It was what created Italy and Germany as countries. Nationalism is the idea of patriotism. It is when you are strongly supporting your culture or country. If I am being patriotic, then I am being nationalistic. It is the pride you have for your country. It can become dangerous and when it comes to a point where it is out of control, then it becomes hyper-nationalism. An example of a hyper nationalist, would be Adolf Hitler, because he caused so many deaths for his “love” for Germany and the Christian religion.
Many nationalists hold their country with high regards while degrading other countries. This [[#|leads]] to a sense of enmity with other nations. Nationalism can lead to radical acts, like manifest destiny. Americans viewed themselves as the proper way to live. So they spread out west to proclaim their ideas. Acts of natioanalism can be described as protests, independence pardades and boycotts of certain things.
“Nationalism claims that national loyalty, in [[#|case]] of conflict, overrides local loyalties, and all other loyalties to family, friends, profession, religion, or class.” Nationalism is almost like a form of government; when something goes wrong another part of the government takes over. Nationalism can also be considered a form of trust toward your nation.

In the Case of the book, Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, Marji had a strong pride for her country. She would want to get involved in the protests and talk a lot about her Country. This would be an example of Nationalism.

Another act of nationlism is through Imperialism. When the British colonized other nations, they called them savages and created new rules as a guide to the colonized for a correct way to live. Imperialism is pretty much the same thing as nationalism. This is so because both of the things deal with one copuntry invading another and taking its reasourses. This is not a right thing to do but it is part of history and is still going on today in the Middle East.