Western Influences of Iran:
The profound western influences present in Iran, were caused by the British and American alliances, which resulted in several negative impacts to the inhabitants of this country. Because Iran has always been one of the most enriched countries in oil production, many nations tried to imperialize it. An example was the USA and the British agency. Around the 1950's, these forces started supporting Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, after finding out that he had connections with the oil - industry. In order to get power over the oil production, the forces offered Mohammad, who was just an officer during this period, aid in being appointed to throne of Iran, in exchange for the authority over the oil. He definitely had agreed since he wanted money and power. In order for this to happen, the American CIA and the British agency overthrew Mohammad Mossadegh, prime minister of Iran, since they were afraid that he was going to interfere with the exchanges of power. He was tried for treason and put in jail for three years. The allies were afraid and knew that Mossadegh had enough power to get the community (the Iranians) to oppose the new SHAH.

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The After Effects caused by the Western Influences:
Although Mossadegh was put in jail, this didn't impede for the oppostion towards the Shah to occur. Later during the 1970's, these western influences caused Ayatollah Khomeini and other spiritual leaders to start the Islamic Revolution. This revolution, led by diverse leaders, was an attempt to overthrow The Shah and to install their own form of non-secular government. They disagreed with the ways that the Shah used to rule and were against the fact that he sold the oil production of Iran for his own benefits. They also disagreed with the fact that the Shah wanted to westernize Iran; the inhabitants wanted to keep their old traditional ways. Many held protests and riots demonstrating their opposition, which as a result caused many thousands of deaths. It was a war that was between the government and the community.
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Western Influences Are Still in Iran
Iran had a lot of Western Influence, especially from Great Britain. When Great Britain imperialized Iran, Iran adapted new things economically, politically, and socially. Some Iranians are doing whatever they can to keep out this western influence. For example, we all know that it is popular for an American citizen or resident to walk their dog out on the street. Cats too, are also a very popular pet. But in Iran, the police are banning the sales of cats and dogs, because they find them to be unclean. According to Muhammad, : “Muhammad said a Muslim loses credit for one good deed each day he keeps a dog and even said dogs should be killed unless used for hunting or protection.” It’s not just the dogs and cats though. “Conservatives decry the trend as a Western influence, just like the fast food, shorts, jeans and pop music that have become more common in the kingdom, which is ruled by the puritanical Wahhabi interpretation of Islam. They say it should be fought because it is threatening the fabric of Gulf nations.”

Western Influence Depicted in The book Persepolis