external image ataturk.jpgexternal image Ataturk.gifHis full name was Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.(1881-1938) was an overachiever throughout his young life. He excelled in nearly everything he was a part of. While he participated in school he was given the name "kemal" meaning perfection, for his knowledge in the Mathematics category. When he entered military school he emerged as a soldier with meritorious skills. He graduated at the top of his class and in 1915 he became known to the world as one of the soldiers in the "Battle of Gallipoli", a failed revolution to capture the capital of the Ottoman empire. Ataturk also became invloved with the Turkish Nationalist Comittee of Union and Progress.

Ataturk also fought for the government during World War I (1914-1918), achieving great sucess against allied forces during the Dardanelles campaign. The eventual victory brought British, French and Italian troops to Anatolia; appointed to restore order there, he used the opportunity to incite the people against the allied occupation.
In 1919 he was promoted to general and as a result led numerous amounts of National Force Movements that soon converged into the Turkish War of Independence. As a triumphant commander, Ataturk soon led his country to victory and ultimately independence. In 1923 he created the Republic of Turkey, and established a period of harmony. As president for nearly 15 years Ataturk, created many political, economic, cultural and social reforms using his bright ideas and knowledge of his country. Ataturk believed in humanism. He was an excellent president and was often the victim of many rebellions, but Ataturk which means "father of the Turks" was credited for single handedly
establishing Turkey and making it his own. Today, Ataturk is remembered as a great leader and even external image kemal-ataturk.jpgbetter person, this is why in 1981 he was honored by the United Nations and UNESCO. He was an officer and was the founder of the first President of the Republic of Turkey which is a Eurasian country. He was an officer and was the founder of the first President of the Republic of Turkey which is a Eurasian country. “He also briefly served as a staff officer in Salonica andIstanbul and as a military attache in Sofia .” When he was 12 years old, he went to military schools. He became a defender because the Italains were going to invade them. Then he became the leader of the Ottoman’s defence. He had some success when they sent him to fight against the Russian. He was a military hero. He was president for 15 years and he stayed president until the day he died.