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The word, Azerbaijan, is the Persian phrase meaning "Land of Fire". You could say that it is located in Eurasia, because it is located between eastern Europe and southwest Asia (above Iran). It is bordered by the Caspian Sea, Georgia, Russia, Armenia, and Iran. Although Turks are known to live here, Muslims make up the majority of the population, because Muslim is the main religion. The most common languages that are spoken are Azerbaijan Turkic, Russian and Armenian. The current relgions are Islam, Russian Orthodox and Armenian Orthodox. Throughout its long history, Azerbaijan has been controlled by many different empires, including Russia. Since the ancient times, the people inhabiting Azerbajian had believed in the Zorothastrian faith until the 600'S AD when the Arabs had invaded their territory. Because they wanted to spread out their religion, the Arabs forced the inahabitants to convert Islamic. This is the reason why nowadays the majority of the people are Islamic and Muslims.
Recently, the country declared its independence in 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Unionwhich was after the Bolshevik Revolution. They defeated and became liberated form the Russian government and formed a democratic republic with the help of the Muslim nationalists. Though this army attempted to defeat the Bosheviks as it had always had been planned, Britain interfered and defeated theTurks. This was end of Azerbajian's independence and Russia conquered this territory again during the 1920's. The fact that this country was one of the richest in oil production, Vladimir Lenin became interested and wanted to keep this country. The Azerbaijan government was scared the Red Army was going to opress them harshly so later on, they decided to sigh a treaty with Russia. This treaty gave them freedom and political rights in exchange for their resources, trade and oil production. During the 1900's they started oppressing and gianed their liberty completely.
The young independent country is surrounded by many other regions, including Iran, which greatly influence it. It had a lot to do with Iran, and when it was renamed to the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, many Iranians went against it, because they felt that it was separating the two territories from each other. It is very rich in oil and starting in the 1900s it was producing fifty percent of the world’s oil. In 2001, it became part of the Council of Europe. It’s smaller now than it was before, because after having a war with Armenia, Azerbaijanis kept only a fraction of the territory, while Armenia had total control. Ilham Aliyev is the current president of the country. Azerbaijan is very well known for their economy. They have a very high rate in economy because of their rich oil supplies. In Azerbaijan there is also a lot of farms, so there are many useful resources such as, vegetables, fruits, tea, tobacco, cotton fields and etc. The government of Azerbaijan is a democracy. In Azerbaijan there are many factories and farmlands. Since most of the food is produced in Azerbaijan, the country typically provides its own food.
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Map of Azerbaijan
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This video is a perfect example of what has happened to Azerbaijan. The fight over territory has weakened it as a whole sending people into situations like the ones in Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis. Azerbaijan is not as stable as it once was, there are lots of people that onced lived in the great independent country that now have fleed the land. They now live a life that resembles the nomadic people from the acient years before us. This video shows the change the Azerbaijan has gone through.