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Black Friday to us may seem like the perfect day of shopping: the discounts, blowout sales, clearances, etc. However, in Iran, it is something totally different. Who would have thought that Black Friday in Iran, was really a day of bloodshed? Well, it was September 8, 1978, and people were at Zhaleh Square, protesting nonviolently against the Shah. Armies were ordered in and tanks were set off, but the people still wouldn't stop and leave. So, the soldiers made a bloody turn and ended up shooting everybody at the square. More than 600 people were killed that Friday because of this. In honor of the people, Zhaleh Square was renamed "The Square of the Martyrs," because many were massacred for their beliefs and opinions.

It was also one of the most impetuous and graphic events in Iran’s history. This damaging incident took its potential on the streets of Tehran, Iran. Black Friday is known as the massive series of protests against the rule of "The Shah", Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.
Many people disliked the manner in which the Shah ran the Iranian government and people, so they protested. In addition, religious and political opposition was also occuring during the Shah's powerful reign.
This peaceful demonstration amongst thousands of Iranians took no effect on the Shah and so to many people's disapproval he ordered martial law to all the major cities. As a result, hundreds of military helicopters and tanks took absolute control on all of the people that participated in the demonstration. These collected soldiers including the SAVAK did everything in their power to obstruct the protestors, but it was to no avail as it took violent and inhuman acts to prevent further more protesting. These military machines took control of the people and started killing the students. Many had died during this date of the Black Friday. These series of massacre’s took location in many places such as Zhalel Square and as a sign of respect of the numerous amount of lives taken away, this establishment was renamed the "Square of Martyrs".
This event drastically evolved for months following September 8th. What followed was the displacement of the Oil industries in Iran and many other reforms took location as well. Black Friday was even considered the starting point of the Iranian Revolution. After this unforgettable date, Reza Shah Pahlavi never restored complete power as he fled in exile a few months later. His act of courdness took an effect on the way people saw as a leader.
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