Emperor of Iran

external image Ahmad_shah_and_mirza.jpgAhmad Shah Qajar (1898-1930) is most noted of being the last Shah of the great Qajar dynasty. But, Ahmad was not so great himself, he was a weak ruler put into power through his families royalty. Ahmad lacked confidence in himself, as a result his empire was never what he expected it would be. Ahmad had many enemies including the British and the Russians. Many foreign countries did not take Ahmad surpassingly seriously and took advantage of him by taking Persia’s natural resources and other usable things. After about 15 years, the unsuccessful Ahmad was put out of his misery when Reza Shah Pahlavi overthrew him. Many leaders in Persia decided it was time to put an end to Ahmad’s long, wasted reign and forced him into exile. In 1930 he died In France.