Someone who maintains or has the authority over an empire or a country is an imperialist. In other words, the colonization or gaining of control of one empire by another simply for profit can be known as imperialism. Imperialism was started because rulers have wanted to enforce their economy by controlling raw materials and resources of another country to strengthen their country. This basically is known as selfishness or greed. Imperialism can also be when a country adapts the nation's culture, art, trade, government, economics, and changes its basic beliefs both morally and religiously. This all leads to a negative outcome because it places the imperialized country under poverty and strips the citizens of their powers and rights, so they are infect, useless and extendable. (similar to the bottom of a monarchy). In some cases this leads to protests, riots and war due to the nationalism of the inhabitants in the country.
Imperialism is the action of taking control to a full extent of another country, territory, etc. It is a hunger for domination. Examples of imperialism include when the British took control of India and the Thirteen Colonies. However, imperialism has been around long before that. It usually leads to revolts, rebellions, violence, poverty, and in the past has led to decline.

Examples of Imperialism:
imperialismpost.jpgIn the 1840's, the British had forced China to import and buy the opium that they were selling. Because the opium was a very addicting drug, China did not want to have an addicted weak country. It refused to import the opium and eventually, this led to the Tai Ting Rebellion which allowed China's port to be opened. Other nations such as the United States, Japan, Russia, etc. later began taking control over China's trade and ports by signing different treaties with them.

Iran has been known to be one of her countries to have the most oil production in the world. The United States of America and the British allies took advantage of this and went over to the country of Iran to take over the oil, mainly because it was the most profitable resource to have. At the end, many Iranians were against the fact that the Shah was supporting these allies and going against the old traditional beliefs. This is also known as the Western influences in Iran.

Different views on Imperialism:
Imperialism could be for better or for the worst.
It would obviously benefit the imperialist at first because it would be consuming and stealing the necessary resources. Later on, the nation might look at it differently when the people of the nation stand up for each other and revolt against the imperialists.
It might benefit the people being imperialized though because they themselves might benefit from it. Sometimes imperialist choose to change the structure of the governments and might improve them. This was an example would be the British colonizing India.
It also depends on what side you on, if you on the imperialist side we are not going to go protest against it because that's our view.

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