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Riiko Izawa has never had a boyfriend and she has been rejected by every boy she has ever had a crush on. When she returns a lost cell phone to an oddly dressed salesman, she mentions wanting a boyfriend so to thank her, he directs her to his company's website. When she visits the site, Riiko finds it's a site to create your own lover. Thinking its a game, she customizes and accidentally orders one. The next day, her new lover arrives. Following the instruction manual, she kisses him to wake him up and configure him to be in love with only her. She names him "Night." Three days later, she is shocked to learn that she only had him for a free trial. The salesman, Gaku Namikiri, tells her that she must now pay 100,000,000 yen for Night, or they will waive the fee if she helps them to collect data about how women think and feel to help perfect future models.
Riiko must keep Night's true nature of not being human a secret from everyone around her. She also finds herself in a love triangle between Night and her childhood friend Soshi, who declares his love for her out of fear he will lose her. As the series progresses, Night begins to develop real human emotions, enabling him to truly love Riiko but also resulting in system malfunctions. When Riiko almost loses Night due to the malfunctions, she realizes that he is the one she really loves. She apologizes to Soshi, who moves to Spain with his brother. As the series ends, Night begins to grow sleepier and sleepier. The problems developed by his exceeding his abilities eventually causes his machinery to stop working, resulting in his "death". Before he died, he wrote a letter directed to Soshi telling him what was happening and asking him to take care of Riiko. Gaku Namikiri then sent the letter to Soshi after giving Riiko some time to grieve, which brings Soshi back to Japan to be at her side again.


  • Riiko Izawa (井沢 リイコ Izawa Riiko?) is a high school girl who has bad luck with boys. When she helps a strange salesman named Gaku, she ends up ordering a cybernetic boyfriend. Though initially shy around her new boyfriend, Riiko begins to fall in love with him, while also finding herself struggling with her newfound feelings for her best friend, Soshi. Riiko is rather naïve, clumsy, and simple-minded, but kindhearted and hardworking.
  • Night Tenjo (天城ナイト Tenjou Naito?) is a cybernetic doll custom ordered by Riiko. As such, he is the "perfect boyfriend": charming, dependable, intelligent, athletic, good-looking, sensitive, devoted, and completely loyal. At first he is perfect for Riiko because it is in his programming, however as the series progresses, Night develops true emotions and a genuine love for her.
  • Soshi Asamoto (浅元ソウシ Asamoto Soushi?) is Riiko's childhood friend, who has also been in love with her for a long time. He left his feelings unconfessed, instead quietly watching over her after promising Riiko's mother that he would always protect her. Realizing he may be losing his chance after Night arrives, he confesses his love and becomes Night's rival for Riiko's heart. Soshi lives alone with his younger brother, Masaki, and is an excellent cook. He frequently shares meals with Riiko, and helps her study.
  • Gaku Namikiri (ガク・ナミキリ Gaku Namikiri?) is a salesman for Kronos Heaven, a company specializing in making highly realistic robots, or "figures." Though usually businesslike and down-to-earth, Gaku is sometimes mistaken for a cosplayer because of his odd manner of dress. When Riiko cannot return Night nor pay the bill for him, Gaku allows her to keep him so Night can collect data on how to become a better lover for use in future models. Whenever there is a problem with Night, Gaku is the one to fix him.