ist2_992961_freakin_aliens.jpgKurt Vonnegut recycles imagery all the time. Which is why I think that Billy Pilgrim has gone insane. Everything that happened to him during World War II and everything that he describes about the war has also been talked about when he gets kidnapped by the Tralfamadorians and his life after World War II. In this book, almost all of the imagery used by Kurt Vonnegut.

crash.jpgcrash.jpgBilly Pilgrim was abducted by the Tralfamadorians in 1967 and he was in war from about 19??-19??. This shows that he might have had something during the war that affected him. Maybe after the plane crash he was in he got affected by it or something like that because he started talking about him getting kidnapped by tralfamadorians after the plane crash.
“Early in 1968, a group of optometrists, with Billy among them, chattered and airplane to fly them…the plane crashed on top of Sugarbush Mountain, in Vermont. Everybody was killed but Billy.” (25) Billy’s daughter says, “What are we going to do with you? Are you going to force us to put you where your mother is?’’ Billy’s mother was still alive. She was in bed in an old people’s home called Pine Knoll on the edge of Ilium.” (29) “Where did you get a crazy name like Tralfamdore?’… ‘Why is it you never mentioned any of this before the airplane crash?’” (30) These two quotes prove how Billy Pilgrim’s stories about Tralfamadore started coming up and how his daughter started to think that Billy has gone insane. One of the things that make me belief that Billy is insane is that Vonnegut tells us how almost every thing happened in World War Two also happened in the kidnapping of Billy by the Tralfamadorians. “The saucer was from the planet Tralfamdore, he said. He was taken to Tralfamdore, where he was displayed naked in a zoo, he said. He was mated there with a former Earthling movie star named Montana Wildhack.” (25) “Billy did as he was told, took of his clothes. That was the first thing they told him to do on Tralfamadore, too.” (83) These two quotes show one of the examples of the same events happing in World War Two and on Tralfamadore.

“The wedding had taken place that afternoon in a gaily striped tent in Billy’s backyard. The stripes were orange and black.” (72) This quote shows the color of tent, which was also the color of the train to show it was carrying prisoners. This also shows Kurt Vonnegut recycling imagery. “Billy got out of bed in the moonlight. He felt spooky and luminous, felt as though he were wrapped in cool fur hat was full of static electricity. He looked down at his bare feet. They were ivory and blue.” (72) This quote shows Billy using the image “they were ivory and blue”. He also uses this image a lot in this book and he says that Billy pilgrim has ivory and blue feet. People who get ivory or blue feet are people who die or are dead. And because of this I think Billy is dead. “Billy answered. There was a drunk on the other end. Billy could almost smell his breath-mustard gas and roses. It was a wrong number. Billy hung up.” (73) In this book Kurt Vonnegut also uses the image of “smell his breath-mustard gas and roses” more than once in this book.

“Overhead he heard the cry of what might have been a melodious owl, but it wasn’t a melodious owl. It was a flying saucer from Tralfamadore, navigating in both space and time, therefore seeming to Billy Pilgrim to have come from nowhere all at once. Somewhere a big dog barked.” (75) “Somewhere the big dog barked again. With the help of fear and echoes and winter silences, that dog had a voice like a big bronze gong.” (48) These two quotes both show the use of Kurt Vonnegut’s image use of the dog barking. Whenever there is something about to happen to Billy somewhere there is always some dog barking. There is also a comparison that when Billy was kidnapped by Tralfamadorians and when he was caught by the Germans, both times there was a dog barking.

vonnegut.jpgOverall, I think that the reason of Billy going insane is that he was the prisoner of war in World War Two. Which in my opinion really affected him. I also think that the recycling of image by Kurt Vonnegut is going to lead us to something. Maybe later in the book we will find the reason for his recycling of image