Today, most people see a cockroach, spider, or other "bug" and we instinctivley shriek or kill it. In androids, with a combination of Mercerism and the fact that most animal species are almost extinct, humas are very glad to see any living animal, and are never torture animals in any ways possible. However, that is not how androids are because they lack empathy. In chapter 18, John Isidore found a spider, a thrilling experience because he found a wild animal in his apartment complex. In chapter 19, Pris began to torture that spider by cutting off its legs to see how it would react. Even though John Isidore was so amazed that he actually was going to have the opportunity to care for an animal, and Pris just took it away.

external image Chained-Mother-Pup.jpgThis picture is an example of animal cruelty today. Many people abandon their animals on the street. Depending on the age of the animal, fending for themselves becomes increasingly difficult with age. Some people can't afford the maintaining cost of an animal, or just don't want to take care of one.
There are many forms of animal cruelty today. One of them is rodeos/bull fighting. Before letting the bulls out, people wave red cloths in the animals face. For whatever reason. bulls don't like the color red and they go wild when they see it. The people do it on purpose, but it is very mean and dangerous. The bull often ends up hurt and so does the idiot who tries to ride him. Also, in the slaughter houses (the place were animals are slaughtered), many animals (cows/sheep) don't get tranquilized well and they get their throat slit open while they are still alive. Sometimes, there are baby animals at the slaughter houses and workers feel sorry for them and let them pass through without touching them, but in the end, they are still killed alive. Animal testing is another form of animal cruelty. Some people test shampoos and other things like cleaning supplies (bleach, clorox,ect.) on animals. Some people test eyedrops on rabits. They don't realize that rabits' eyes are more sensitive than peoples and the animal ends up blind. These are just a few examples of animal cruelty.


This picture shows a dog which is basically starving to death. I think animal cruelty is a severe case because an animal also is a living thing.

Animal cruelty is one of the worst things a human can ever do to another living being. This occurs very often because no one really cares for these animals they eventually end up dieing unheard and unattendedexternal image michael-vick-karma-bitch.jpg