There have been two Arab invasions in Iran. One took place in 717 - 718, and another in 1980 - 1988.

The first Arab invasion was to take siege of Constantinople. The Arabs had tried to attack the city in order to retrieve it back. The Arab army was not able to pass through the Walls of Constantinople, and Arab galleys were unable to sail thus being under constant attack by the Byzantine navy.

The second Arab invasion was between the Iranians and Iraqis. It is also referred to as the Iran - Iraq war. Saddam Hussein had been one of the commanders for the war.

external image Iran_Derafsh-e-Kaviani_cyrus_kaveh_ahangar_Persian_freedom.jpgThis was the ancient Iranian flag before the Arab invasion accured. This accured in 640 when they overthrew the Sasanian's. Mostly everybody had to convert to Islam and the people that remained Zoroastrian had to pay a special tax