Indo- European
The word Aryan means noble. The Shah said he would be the light of the Aryans in Persepolis. The Aryans entered India during the 1500's BC and spread throughout Asia and Europe. The main land of the Aryans would be Iran even though it is believed that long ago they migrated from North Europe or central Asia.

Aryans called themselves the "noble ones" or the "superior ones". Even though it no longer used as a technical word Aryan is an English word derived from the Sanskrit Arya, which of course means noble or superior.
The Aryans were semi-nomadic Nordic Whites who spoke the parent language of the various Indo-European languages.

Indo-European philology traditionally used "Aryan" both to denote a people, understood racially or ethnically. Aryans, or more specifically Indo-Aryans, make their first notable appearance in history around 2000-1500 BC as invaders of Northern India. The Aryans were remarkably expansionist, and almost everywhere they went they conquered the indigenous peoples, imposing their languages and their religious beliefs on the natives. The forced the people to follow their way of life and to leave behind the lives they use to lead.
In the book they are superior and the control and are considered the thing that are going on.