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The British Broadcasting Corporation is a UK based broadcasting corporation. It's actually the world's largest broadcasting corporation!
It currently employs 28,500 people in the United Kingdom alone with an annual budget of more than £4 billion/$8 billion

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BBC is run by BBC Trust and is supposed to be from commercial and political influence and answers only to its viewers and listeners. It was the first national broadcasting organization and was created on October 18, 1922. Its stated mission is "to inform, educate and entertain." Its motto is "Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation."

The BBC broadcasting house
The BBC broadcasting house
A picture of the BBC tv show
A picture of the BBC tv show

BBC News is the largest broadcast for news in the world. BBC also has other networks such as BBC News 24, BBC Parliament and BBC World, as well as BBCi. BBC is sponsored by the Foreign Commonwealth Office and grant-in-aid.
According to Answers.com this is how the BBC is broken down

Most Web casts from BBC one has to be in the Uk to be able to see it. Although it is one great/ big broadcasting has a lot of information and in forms people about a few things. For example The Coming of age is a web cast that is a show about teenagers its funny yet people outside of UK can't see it.

This is the BBC Coat of Arms

  • Governance Unit
  • Content Groups
    • Journalism (incorporates News, Sport, Global News and Nations and Regions)
    • Vision (incorporates all TV production)
    • Audio and Music (incorporates all radio production, music commissioning and BBC Radio Resources)
    • Future Media and Technology (Incorporates New Media, R&D, Information and Archives)
  • Professional Services
    • Strategy (formerly Strategy and Distribution and merged with Policy and Legal)
    • Marketing, Communications and Audiences
    • Finance
    • BBC Workplace (Property)
    • BBC People (to 2004, Human Resources & Internal Communications)
    • BBC Training & Development
  • Commercial Groups
  • BBC Resources Ltd
  • BBC Worldwide Ltd

BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation. BBC is one of the largest broadcasting in the world.