A barracks is a military building that often exists in army bases and camps. The barracks is where the bunks are - it serves as the living quarters for soldiers not on duty. There is often also a small armory in the barracks where weapons and uniforms are stored in case soldiers need to go into action quickly or without warning while relaxing. A larger barracks sometimes will include areas such as a cafeteria/dining hall where soldiers can eat, or a recreational room with games like pool or Foosball.
In the barracks, soldiers live in solitude but they receive training on a daily basis. Barracks have have a history going up to the early Roman Empire. The Barrack mostly are used for military purposes and help them through battles and win. Barracks help house them and when the training is need they receive it.

A fellow soldier training in the barracks.
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Barracks are living quarters for personnel on a military post. They are typically very plain and all of the buildings in the housing unit are often uniform structures.

Barracks are places where the people in the military live most of them are plain looking. They are usually there for service or when they are training Garrison town is the term for towns that have military barracks.