Black Fridaywas named after the death of thousands in Tehran, Iran. When some Iranians were demonstrating in the streets, the Shah's soldiers were dispatched to put down what they probably thought could have become a revolt.

Not to be confused with the day after Thanksgiving, sometimes referred to as Black Friday, when many people do their Christmas shopping and crowd into many stores at once!
Also not to be confused with Black Tuesday, the Wall Street Crash of 1929!
The original Black Friday was September 24, 1869 when Jay Gould and James Fisk (stock manipulators) tried to corner the gold market and caused it to collapse. There was also a panic in 1873 which also happened on a Friday, and the term Black Friday now refers to any Friday when something affects the financial markets. There is also a black Monday, which was on October 19, 1987 when the stock market experienced its largest one day fall since the great depression. Black Friday was on September 24,1869. Black Friday


Black Friday happened on September 8th 1978 as an occurrence of street demonstrations around 1978. People wanted to confront the Shah after many cities were placed under martial law. In order to stop them, the army used time tanks to get rid of the demonstrations, but that was not successful. Soldiers were ordered to shoot at the people, which killed more than 600 people.

In the book Persepolis Margi's parents were angry at her and Mehri because they went to shout and demonstrate that day.

A lot more people were killed than the Shah reported.

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In pursuit of the splendid and grand demonstrations that were held in Tehran on Shahrivar 13 (419/78) after the prayer of Eid-Al-Fitr, similar demonstrations were held on the 16th of Shahrivar (September 7th), also in Tehran and arrangements were made for other demonstrations for the next day (Friday) to be held in the Jaleh Square. Early on Friday people streamed into the Jaleh Square so that by six o’clock a.m.
Jaleh Square was surrounded by Shah’s military units on all sides with machine-gun barrels aimed at the people from every side. At this hour, the Radio unexpectedly announced that military government is declared for Tehran and ten other cities. Immediately after the announcements machine gun volleys strafed the crowd. On this occasion more than 4,000 innocent people were killed and several hundred were wounded. The Shah’s Regime placed the figures at 58 killed and 25 wounded.