external image trwalld1280x1024bk4.jpg James-Bond.jpg A Black Operator

Black Ops is short for Black Operations. This term is known in the political or military range. People who specialize in the Black Ops are known
as a Black Operator, or Black Operative. are people in a group that do "dirty work" for a country without having to worry about any punishments.
The works done by the black operators are extremely secret since their actions can be highly unethical. These types of military operations are
usually planned by secret services to try to achieve a goal that is to be kept a secret. The Black Ops tries to run secretly, therefore secret services
use this type of military operation on the down low. Methods used in Black Ops can be used in assassinations, or sabotages. Some examples of Black
Operators are the CIA, MS5, KGB, etc.


The black ops are basically the secret police they are some times our last line of defence when it comes to a security threat.

James Bond is considerd to be a Black Op.

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