Black Market~

The Black Market is not a physical place, but economic activity in which illegal goods are sold. [Source.] The Black Market is also called the "Underground Market." It is called the black market because it's activity is out of sight and in the dark, where the law can't catch you!

In Persepolis, Marjane had gone out on Gahndi avenue, to go buy some tapes. There were many men dressed in big trench coats, saying the name of musical artists. Many Western things had been banned from Iran because they were not considered Islamic, so the only way to buy them was through the black market. Marjane had bought a tape, by Kim Wilde, to listen to "Kids in America."

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Many things can make a transaction illegal, therefore making the transaction a black market transaction. It coulb be the good itself or the service. One example of the black market was during the 192o's, when alcohol was made illegal in the U.S. Many people smuggled it into bars and other places. The result was a period of organized crime and 500 million U.S. dollars lost every year in tax revenues. Another example of the black market is prostitution.
Sometimes goods are stolen and then re-sold on the black market. When something is said to have "fallen off the back of a truck," it usually means that its been stolen for the purpose of selling it on the black market
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