Blood Donation

external image ansara-blood-donation.jpgBlood donation is when people volunteer to give their blood for
special needs. This blood can be used to save another life in a blood
transfusion. One of the helpful organizations that help with this is the red cross.
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Blood donations are very crucial. Some people may have problems within their blood and may need more blood to help them live. With these donations people everywhere can be saved and for every donation that is done more than a million lives can be saved. Things such as blood type count and so does the blood quality. The blood must be safe and healthy and free of any diseases.


Blood Banks most of the time are used in wars because many slodiers lose blood and they need it to survie or to make it throught a surgery. Blood donation is not for every one and takes a lot of nformation to donate. Mostly becasue the need a certain type of blood that has no diseases and the person must have good medical records for example they must not have a possiblity of cancer or diabetes. Another word for blood donation is blood drvies.

Blood donations are exactly what it sounds like. People go to clinics to donate their blond for the people who lost massive amounts of blood. But there are different types of blood types so you cant give someone a blood type that they are not. Some people donate blood on a monthly or even weekly basis. In wars such as the Iranian and Iraqui war, people were asking others to donate blood for the hurt troops and those who lost great amounts of blood.

Sometimes, although a person may need a blood donation (also called a blood transfusion) they can't/won't do it because of their religion. A Jahova Witness, for example won't do it simply because of their religion. On t.v. once, there was a documentary about a guy wh0 had this tumor in his face and the best thing to do was a blood transfusion, but he kept refusing it because he was a Jahova Witness, even though he couldn't see from one eye and he had a hard time to eat.
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