BLIP.jpgBruce Lee is a very famous Chinese American actor. He was born in San Francisco, California, during the year of the dragon, which in Chinese is considered very good Feng Shui. Bruce Lee's father was Chinese and his mom was German and Chinese. When he was three months old his parents decided to move to Hong Kong. Throughout his teenage years Bruce was extremely interested in the art of human combat and got into many fights in schools. As he got older he was getting better and better at what he did, which was Chinese kickboxing. At age 18 he got into a big fight and beat his opponent badly so he got into trouble with the police. As a consequence to this, he had to later go back to the States to an old friend of his father's. Bruce had nothing but a hundred bucks and the titles of 1958 Boxing Champion in his pocket.

Bruce lee was an actor and a martial expert. He died at age 33, he was born on November 27, 1940 in San Franisico California. His mom called him bruce because Bruce means "strong one" in Galiec. When he moved back to Hong Kong he appeared in around 20 children movies and shows.


Video of Bruce Lee in "Enter the Dragon"


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Around 7:30 p.m., he went to lie down for a nap. After Lee did not turn up for dinner, Chow came to the apartment but could not wake Lee up. A doctor was summoned, who spent ten minutes attempting to revive him before sending him by ambulance to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. However, Lee was dead by the time he reached the hospital. There was no visible external injury; however, his brain had swollen considerably, from 1,400 to 1,575 grams (a 13% increase). Lee was 32 years old. The only two substances found during the autopsy were Equagesic and trace amounts of cannabis. On October 15, 2005, Chow stated in an interview that Lee died from a hypersensitivity to the muscle relaxant in Equagesic, which he described as a common ingredient in painkillers. When the doctors announced Lee's death officially, it was ruled a "death by misadventure."

"Bruce Lee attended the UW for roughly three years, and though he did not graduate, Bruce's stay at the University of Washington influenced him greatly in his development as an International Icon. While at the UW, Bruce met his future wife Linda Emery. The school was also where he taught his art of Jeet Kune Dowithin the community. We believe that Bruce Lee's fundamental Universal philosophies of Peace and Harmony would be wonderfully celebrated as a Peace Garden open to the entire community placed on main campus - with our proposed site being the current HUB Yard which is centralized on campus."

external image 250px-HK_Star_Bruce_Lee_16.jpg Sculpture of Bruce Lee at the Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong
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Bruce Lee was a famous movie star who was mostly action movies. He fought a lot in his movies but in real was also a great fighter. Saldy, in shoot for a movie, in a scene he was going to face a guy with a gun but on set instead of the guying having a fake gun he had a real gun a shot him. Bruce Lee would die. He two sons one named Jet Lee which we know now who has been a few new movie.