external image 800px-Two_Butchers.jpgA Butcher is a person who prepares meat for it to be eaten.
He takes raw meat or live animals and has it ready for people to buy it.
The butcher usually sells about everything that was part of the animal.
These animals usually consist of pigs, cows, and other popular animals.


In Judaism, the meat must be considered kosher before they eat the meat. This means that the animal was killed in a way in which it felt no pain and the meat was drainedof all blood before they eat it.
"Butcher" is also a term used to refer to people who treated other humans cruely or who slaughtered them. One example is Pompey, a Roman general and politician. His brutal treatment of political opponents in the begining of his career, earned him the name, "The Teenage Butcher" or "The Butcher Boy." This term has also been used for certain Italian soccer defenders, like Claudio Gentile, because of their rough tackles, elbow punching and man marking their opponents.