Buzz Cut

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The buzz cut is a type of haircut style that people choose to get at a barber shop or at home. In the military, soldiers are forced to get buzz cuts so when they go into battle, there is no chance that their eyesight or vision might be impaired by long hair getting in their eyes. A buzz cut is given by a machine called a electric razor. It's called a buzz cut because of the sound the machine makes when it's on. The actual style is having most or all of the hair cut off of the person receiving the buzz-cut.

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This type of "buzz-cut" hairstyle is significant in Persepolis since it shows that westernization was becoming popular in Iran. Even in times of war kids still wanted to look hip even though it was forbidden to do so by the guardians of the revolution. Westernization is a key concept to look at while reading Persepolis since it shows that even though parents were religious they let their kids have the freedom to do what they wanted. Punk rock was in at that time where they wore shirts with holes, ties were worn around the neck instead of a long beard or a chador and now young teenage boys got buzz cuts. Being "hip" was a lot more important than getting whipped for not following rules. Iranian_showdown.png

This is a political cartoon that shows a showdown between Iran and the United States. Its an example of Westernization since most Iranian fundamentalists don't agree with this concept.

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Doesn't the buzz cut look HORRIBLE???Dc1BF.jpg