C.I.A or the Central Intelligence Agency is a secret agency of the U.S.A government its function is to collect and analyze information on foreign matters such as governments, corporations and people to advise public policymakers. These people are secret and aren't allowed to reveille their job or anything to do with it. They have many secret operations that people that don't work with them would most likely never find out. They are so secret that when one of them die at their memorial they aren't put a name but instead a star. People have mixed feelings about the C.I.A some people say that they aren't good but others feel that they are since they also "help" stop terrorism.
Since the CIA has always been very secret at whatever it does, we don't much about it. Although we know some knowledge about the CIA actions during and after World War II. There are many controversy on whether the CIA does unethical and illegal work. For example, On the History Channel they were showing that the CIA was so desperate in getting information from enemies that would do evil/unethical things. They were trying to find or create a mind controlling device in order to accomplich their goals. They would do weird experiment on people that had no other way of getting money. They would hire drug/heroine addicts, mostly African Americans, as guinea pigs to be used in the dangerous experiments.

external image FEATURED_CIA-101b.gif external image CIA.jpgeeis_03_img1076.jpg This is a typical CIA office/workplace.

In order to be a member of the C.I.A, you have to be intelligent, and be quick in making decisions. People know know multiple languages fluently, and different skills such as writing skills are also requirements. C.I.A. agents monitor activities that interest the American government, such as political issues. The point of the C.I.A is for the United States to be protected and have security.
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CIA.jpgThe Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian intelligence agency of the United State goverenment . Its primary Central Intelligence Agency function is collecting and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations, and persons in order to advise public policymakers.

The C.I.A most have always cnsidered it myth, just because people can't believe that our goverment has actually done all illegal things. Then heres the thing they are an exception to the laws because of what the people do is against what our goverment speak and yet the are not inculed becasue they do what they need to "protect" us. If they were to protect us then why are in such a bad state, aren't they suppose to take care of finding illeagal deals and getting then out? The C.I.A many people stll have yet to belive that it doesn't just work for the people but for anyone in this country.

Information is the most Dangerous Weapon of all

The C.I.A is a secret government agecny from the united states of america that is used to gather information of terrorism and stuff.

C.I.A night ops