One becomes a chicken head after have one's DNA sequence mutated during the Nuclear Fallout. John Isidore is a chicken head and he has accepted it however not in a good way. He has a very low self esteem and he feels that he is a second class citizen. Chickenheads are given certain places in society and Isidore hates his job, however he has no choice but to do it. Chicken heads are determined if one fails the IQ test. But then at times, because of the new Nexus-6 android types, bounter hunters could get confused between chickenheads and androids. A bounty hunter could actually be killed in mistake to an android.
John Isidore is a chickenhead but at times, his personality would change and he would become an intelligent man.

The term "Chickenhead" is another word for "special" in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Chickenheads are the type of people that is isolated from the world. They never interact with others, and when a person learns that that person is a chickenhead they never want to talk to them again. That is what life is for John Isidore, lonely.

Chickenhead is essentially a deregetory term for special, for someone who has had their DNA changed by the nuclear fallout caused by World War Terminus. However, chickenhead is not the only term people use to talk about specials. There are some specials whose minds and bodies have deteriorated to such an extent that they can barely do anything that normal humans can. These people are referred to as "antheads", and one could assume from this that the more damage has been done to one's body and mind, the simpler of an animal they are compared to.

hood rats are men effected by the gamma rays there fore leaving them unable to reproduce.

There are many people that have been affected by the radiation in the book Do androids dream of electric sheep. They call them special become they have become a bit abnormal. They are studer when they talk. Another name that is common for them in the book is chicken head.



In this book that were reading do androids dream of electric sheep, your considered a chicken head or a specail because you becaome alittle slow due to the readiation on earth after (WWT) world war termanis.

Chicken the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep", is a human that was effected by the nuclear blast's. It can be a physical affect such as skin damage to physical brain damage. It can also be a brain damage which effects the actions someone takes.