=Ministry of State Security of the People's Republic of China ----

Ministry of State Security (MSS) , Guojia Anquan Bu, or Guoanbu is the security agency of People's Republic of China. It is China's largest and most active state intelligence. Because of its role in collecting domestic intelligence and in monitoring domestic political dissidents, it has sometimes called a secret police. It was first part of the Central Department of Social Affairs which was the original intelligence for the Chinese Communist Party.
MSS has hacked into American intelligence in the past.
Katrina Leung a Chinese American, Federal Bureau of Investigation, (FBI). She in 2003 she was arrested and accused of revealing FBI secrets to MSS. She was also convicted of being a double-agent of FBI and MSS. Although she was also charged of copying classified information, and convicted only of tax charges and of lying to the FBI.

Chinese Intelligence Agency is like the CIA but in the country of China. They have weapons of all kind. And these officers can be called as
the "secret officers".