Coach and how it began!

Coach is a brand of purses that sell from mid-range prices from $100-200 to higher prices like $400+. Coach is a popular brand of bags for a lot of teens because it is cheaper than other brand name bags like Prada or Chanel. Lately, Coach has expanded with their products. Now they sell shoes and accessories. The nearest Coach store is in the Queens Center Mall, or you can buy them in department stores like Macys or Bloomingdales.

Here are some types of Coach shoes

Just recently, Coach changed the shape of their "C" on their products, like this particular one.$browse_viewall$$browse_viewall$

Coach is an expensive shoe and hanbag brand, and also alot of expensive assisories

coach.jpg COACH!!!!!!! image by hollisterhottie618xo
coach.jpg COACH!!!!!!! image by hollisterhottie618xo

Not all of their stuff is covered with a monogram C. They also have plain products.
There shoes are comfortable, and they have many styles. They are many styles but coach is mostly known for its bags. They have good products and its expensive.
Coach Website (:

While not familiar with any products by Coach, i have seen Coach products in stores. I am not sure why moexternal image money-flying-away.jpgst people pay m0ney for overpirced items when they could get that same item in another stroe for a much cheaper store.