2h4c0gz.jpgDoug is a cartoon from the 90's, yeah the 90's. Its was one of the best shows for kids during this time. This series was broken into to brand first Nickelodeon and the second by Disney. They were both equally good, Disney version was more modern and better graphics.
This is the Disney version of Doug.
This is the Nickelodeon version of Doug. See the poor graphics? But the show was still good.

o_doug.jpgThis is most of the people from Doug. The people holding him up are his best friends Skeeter, Patti, Chalky Studebaker. His sisters are the girls sitting on the bench on the left hand side and his mom and dad are the people with glasses on the bench. His bullies are the people under the basketball hoop.

This show made me want a greenish friend. lolz
Who runs like that? lolz

The series takes place in the fictitious town of Bluffington (where Doug and his family had moved from Bloatsburg) and deals with the life and imagination of title character, grade-schooler and diarist Doug Funnie, his dog Porkchop, and good friends Skeeter Valentine and Patti Mayonnaise.

doug2.gifThis is what you call a hell of an imagination. Doug is known for have
uncanny dreams and an big imagination. Most of the time his dog is in the dreams with him.

I wish I could dream like that. -Keith Byam & Gregory Lind (DURING GLOBAL STUDIES ON 5/19/09)

"That show was tough, I loved it"
-Alejandro Ossio (DURING GLOBAL STUDIES ON 5/19/09)