Death is the total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism. In the book Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep, there were many deaths due to the war that had occured before the setting of the book had taken place. That explains why there werent many people left.

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"A man begins dying at the moment of his birth. Most people live in denial of Death's patient courtship until, late in life and deep in sickness, they become aware of him sitting beside." - "The Husband" by Dean Koontz
For some people. death is a quiet way of releasing oneself from the pains of this world. This is how a sick person/someone who is in pain, might think of death. But for some people, they believe death is the only way to end their life. For others, death is/brings sadness. Death takes away loved ones and once they are gone, they never return.
Death could also come in many ways. Sickness, murder, or age.
le are scared to die because they don't know what will become of them once they are dead. For religious people, they might be afraid because they don't know if they will go to heaven or hell, if they believe in the type of religion that share the belief of heaven and hell. Other people who believes i different views believe that there is no heaven or hell. Some noght actually believe that once they die, they would revert to nothing. Back to emptiness as they would say it.
Although death in most cultures is believed to as being a sad moment, some civilizations viewed it as something optimistic. For example, the Egyptians had beautiful and meaningful funeral ceremonies. They believed afterlife as a continuing path until your next life.

EGYPT.jpgexternal image Death.jpgHere is a link with a video of a famliy guy epsiode starring a grim reaper.

A figure commonly used to represent death. The Grim Reaper is a skeleton or solemn-looking man carrying a scythe, who cuts off people's lives as though he were harvesting grain.

Death is the end of your life wen u get old and its time for u to pass on . but people don't only die because your old others because of some sickness or accident.

in the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep death has a lot of negative affects. due to the radiation almost all the animals died off. then all the people left to Mars. Death is when your body dies, or if you get old and its times for you to move to the "next life time."death

Death has componts that are to complicated to understand fully, there is always some sort of doubt. There is never a really accuarte definations on the topic, most because every thing is just for one side or perspective. "Death is only the begining" -The Mummy 1 and 2 It could be just as that it can mean a new life or a new slate or place. But humans never know because we tend to ignore the fact mostly because ignorece is bliss i many ways.

THis picture shows a super hero dieing while his friends look on.

Death is when a person passes away and is gone from this world death is very heartbraking for some people but for some people death is just something that they try to forget. This is known as the angel of death A.K.A. the grim reaper.
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