BUSTER FRIENDLY'S EXPOSE!external image video-tv.png

Buster friendly - who is really an android, decides to put everyone's belief of Mercer aside. On international radio and television he says, "Wilbur Mercer is not human, does not in fact exist. " This is done out of hope that the "cult of Mercer" will end, and the one thing that establishes who a human is and who is an android - empathy - will be shown not to be a good way of testing.

Buster Friendly does not even have any empathy for Mercer and begins to insult the who idea of Mercerism. "Buster Friendly said, ‘We may never know. Nor can we fathom the peculiar purpose behind this swindle. Yes folks, swindle. Mercerism is a swindle!’"
When Buster Friendly had exposed Mercerism as being a "swindle" John Isidore was upset, while Pris explained that androids knew about the news and the fact that Buster Friendly is an android.

As one reads through Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep they
will notice that one of the main themes in this post war zone community is
Popular culture vs Mercerism. Buster Friendly is telling the world about how
Mercerism is no real, to get his viewers.

Buster Friendly backs up his claims by saying that the landscape the people see during fusion is not actually there, it is simply a painted background, and the experience of fusion is really just a repeating series of 15-minute videos. Finally, he says that Mercer is actually Al Jarry, a retired actor who, upon interview, confirms that he recorded a series of short videos (the Mercerism experience) for someone he never met, and for a purpose he never knew.