DIP.jpgDrafting is when the government forces men (sometimes women) into fighting for their country in the war it is currently involved in. Back then in the World War II many teenagers and even younger kids were drafted in the war. This meant that death was awaiting them. There was about a 95% chance that the kid would die.

This political cartoon shows the man pointing you and choosing you to fight for your country.

A draft is when a country orders that it is required for citizens to fight for their country. You do not have a choice in a draft. The only execpetion in America that is, is that if your religion does not let you kill you are excused. I believe in drafts because if there were no drafts countries would fall apart, if people didnt want to go to war or defend their country then who is? They need that extra push.


draft.jpg a lot of people do not believe in drafts such as these people.