As playing the drums for a long period of time and being known as a drummer for any kind of genre you get rewarded by recieving endorsements like drumstick companies, drums, cymbals, percusion, mics, drumheads and etc. Their are some of the top drumsticks that fomous drummers use like Vater, Vic-Firth, Pro-mark, and other kind of sticks you can get endorse by. Some drum endorsements drummers can get are Tama, DW, Yamaha, Pearl.
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Yamaha is one of the endorsements for drums. Yamaha has been building drums since 1967,
and builds their drums by hand in Japan. The company currently has acoustic and electronic
drum kits as well as other percussion instruments and drum hardware. Many professional
drummers have endorsement deals with Yamaha Drums. Yamaha drums are manufactured
at two different locations in Asia. Yamaha’s hardware is engineered and manufactured in the
Yamaha motorcycle.

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