Since World War Terminus had wiped out most of the animals on Earth in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, animals are know worth more than they use to. Thus with a higher price not everyone can afford an animal, so electric animals were created. With these new electric animals for sale, they have a much lower price than real animals do. The only problem is that electric animals sometimes come with malfunctions or even get "strange diseases" and brake down.
Because animals are so rare and expensive, owning one is a symbol of wealth and status. So if someone doesn't have enough money to pay for a real animal, having an electric one can maintain the illusion that they are just as wealthy as their neighbor. There are downsides, however. If it was revealed that someone owned an electric animal, they would be looked down on by many, because it only means that they aren't wealthy enough to afford a real one. Electric animals also need constant maintainance to make sure they don't break down, because having an electric animal malfunction could cause it to behave strangely, which might reveal the fact that it is not genuine.

In the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? most of the animals are extinct except for some. Due to the lack of REAL animals corporations have taken it upon themselves to try and recreate these animals through electric duplicates. Although they are similar to the real animals they do however break down eventually. When it comes to prices the electric animals are way cheaper than a real animal. Since having an animal is of significance in the book people will either own a real animal or an electric duplicate.

Animals have become very important and much rarer since World War Terminus. Animals have become very important to people and many animals that we have today have become extinct in there world. Animals have become very rare and are treated very differently. Many people really take good care of their animals because of how much they cost. they also represent the social status of people as far as how much money they have.
In Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The real animals become rare, since the fake ones were mush cheaper. the anials became extinct.

In the book almost all the animals died because of the radiation that was happening because of the war. so animals became very rare and a lot of people couldn't afford them so they bought electric animals cause they were cheaper.

In the book 'Do Androids dream of electric sheep? electric animals are fake animals that look real. The bigger the animal, the higher quality. If you bought a big animal, people would think you have a lot of money, great power.

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