It is a flat or high heeled very fashionable shoes. It was considered highly fashionable during the 80s. Marjane purchases it from a modern store with jeans. It originates from the Pyrenees. They have been made in Catalonia since at leat the 14th century. At one time, both men and women wore them. The sole is made of rope or molded rubber material made to look like rope.
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Espadrilles are a type of slip-on shoe, and most of the time there is an ankle strap,or a ribbon, and you have to tie it around your leg so the shoe can stay in place. In modern times, espadrilles are considered a woman's summer shoe, when you want to look fashionable, but still be casual at the same time. Usually, the soles of espadrilles are wedges, and the heel of the shoe inclines.