The Fire ceremony is performed for many different reasons and purposes, either due to religious beliefs or any other reason. It is often performed for religious or traditional purposes. The ceremony is part of the Zoroasterism, a form of religion. The ceremony is done for seven days, one sets up a table with releigious symbols and food.
How a Fire Ceremony is done.

A Fire ceremony is a Native American practice that is performed inder a full moon.
Fire Ceremony


fire ceremony at night


Marji had a knowledge of Zarathustra (and the holidays) because she wanted to become a prophet. She also wishes to take part in the fire ceremony.

A Fire Ceremony is also used when you want to enter newness into your life. See the first Fire Ceremony link.
It doesn't have to be a full moon to do this practice. It could also be a new moon. They are beautiful when you want to bring newness to your life.

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The Native Americans gather around the fire at night. Its performed every full moon. Its an inspiring event.

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a fire ceremony is a native american practice that is performed every full moonfire ceremony