FFP.jpgMany people flagellate themselves according to religion to understand the pain that someone else has gone through. Flagellation is done for many purposes but in the book, Persepolis, it is done due to religious purposes. The most common method of flagellation is whipping yourself.


Flagellation is still in use today under Islamic Sharia law in Saudi Arabia and Islamic Republic of Iran for various crimes, i.e. sexual crimes, drug use or dealing. While self-harm is forbidden in Islam, many Shi'a Muslims perform self-flagellation to mourn the death of Hussain during Muharram. Most usually beat their chests with their hands, but the use of metal chains and spikes is common as well. The practice is common among Shiites in the Middle East and Asia, although is often frowned upon by other Shiites and other Muslims.

A result of the intense flagellation on oneself.

flagellated: having or resembling a lash or whip (as does a flagellum)