EAFIP.jpg Frankenstein was a fictional charct
original drawing of Frankenstien
er and still is a classic horror story. The author actually came up with the idea when she was at a cabin with some friends, they were siting with each other telling scary stories and she decided that she was going to share her masterpiece with them. To her joy, her friends were actually scared. So she later published it. Now to this day, this became a horror classic along with Dracula. That story has actually been done in a broadway play called "Young Frankinstein". Another way that its been improved as in movies.

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In German, Frankenstein means "stone of the Fanks." There is also a town in the region Palatinate that is called Frankenstein. Also, before 1946, a city in Poland was named this as well. Frankenstein is also a common family name in Germany. An actor who acted as Frankeinstein supposedly had a squarish face.

The story of Frankenstein is about a scientist whose goal is to bring a dead body to life. Contrary to what many believe, the reanimated corpse that the story focuses is on is not named Frankenstein. The scientist that brings him to life is Dr. Frankenstein, and the corpse does not have a name. He is referred to by the characters as "the Frankenstein monster" or simply "the monster". In the story, Dr. Frankenstein sews together different parts of different cadavers, creating a corpse man. He then raises this corpse up into the sky during a thunderstorm, where he is struck by lightning multiple times. The sudden jolts of electricity stimulate the man's dead brain, heart, and other organs, effectively bringing him back to life. However, because he is made from many different bodies, he does not have a complete brain, so he does not understand who he is or the world around him. He ends up accidentally killing a little girl, which enrages the townspeople. The story ends with the people chasing the monster back into Dr. Frankenstein castle and setting it on fire, killing the monster in the process.

A sequel was made called "Young Frankenstein" which tells the story of Frederick Frankenstein, the son of the original Dr. Frankenstein. Unlike the original, Young Frankenstein is a comedy. In the movie, Frederick is a professor that specializes in the study of the human body. Although he at first hates being compared to his father, Frederick eventually becomes obsessed with his father's work, and tries to replicate his experiment. He is successful, and creates a second Frankenstein monster. The monster eventually escapes the castle and wanders into town, causing all sorts of trouble. The movie ends with Frederick having half of his brain transplanted into the monster in an attempt to save him from the townspeople's anger. After the transplant, the people see that the monster is intelligent, and they decide to stop chasing him and let him live.

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An iconic figure in the world of horror movies. The monster or rather more of a brute animal was created by a scientist named Dr.Frankenstein and the creature he created was known was Frankenstein monster. The story or the plot of the movie consist of a mad scientist bringing back a dead body back to life which he does by raising the body into the sky where the body is struck by lighting. After accidentally killing a little girl the villagers take action by chasing the monster back to where it was created and burn down the castle killing the monster.