Francisco Franco was the dictator of Spain, and used a fascist political system. He was was a supporter of Hitler, just as Mussolini did in Italy, during WWII. Like Hitler he had a strong hatred towards jews, and didn't allow Jewish children to get an education. He used Catholic churches to control over Spain, through October 1936 to November 1975.

Francisco Franco was a leader of the nationalist forces that overthrew the Spanish government during the Spanish Civil War. Once he was the leader he became a facist dictator. As a right wing political he believed in limited freedom, and limited rights. external image franco.jpg

This is a video about Franco declaring a dictatorship
Francisco Franco was a leader.
As soon as he became leader he was a dictator.
He ruled during the Spanish Civil War.

Francisco Franco was born on 4 December 1892 in Ferrol and died 20 November 1975 in Madrid. He was considered a big fascist head and was known as the Head of State of Spain. He maintained control even after World War II. Franco was a good friend and ally of the United States. After his death Spain began turning to democracy.
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Franco was born at the coastal city and naval centre of **El Ferrol** in Galicia (northwestern Spain). His family life was not entirely happy, for Franco’s father, an officer in the Spanish Naval Administrative Corps, was eccentric, wasteful, and somewhat dissolute. More disciplined and serious than other boys his age, Franco was close to his mother, a pious and conservative upper middle-class Roman Catholic.-