Social Class and Animals in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

In Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Rick Deckard, after retiring three androids, has $3000, enough bounty money to put a down payment on a goat. It is a female black Nubian goat.

The animal salesman advises Rick Deckard, "The thing about rabbits, sir, is that everybody has one. I'd like to see you step up to the goat-class where I feel you belong. Frankly you look more like a goat man to me." (168)

Later on in the book Rachael Rosen murders Rick's goat by taking it out of its cage and pushing it off the roof of Rick's apartment building.

Having a real animal had been one of his dreams, as opposed to the electric sheep. It was a cure for his and Iran's depression. However, after putting a down payment on the goat, Rick is in debt.

The goat in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep represent social class. It is a representaione of high status in the world that Rick lives in. The rabbit, while having some advantages to high ranking status does not beat the goat. Also the goat .costs more then the rabbit and so it was also a way for the salesman to coy Rick out of money for the goat

Rachel Rossen slept with Rick and then realised that he would kill the androids eather way. So she went to his house and killed his goat. In my opinion she didn't do this because she was hurt, instead she did it because she didn't get away with what she wanted. Androids have no Empathy therefore we know she couln't have fallen in love with Rick. But she had a goal in mind and when seeing that it wasn't accomplished she found a way to destroy.