smoking.jpgGrown up is a very hard term to think about. What does it mean to be all grown up? Does that mean you got bigger or think differently now, maybe because you hang out with an older group, you feel older. Marjane Satrapi began to hang out with girls that were two years older than her, but really did not think anything about it. But at the end of the chapter she smoked a cigarette, and said “With this first cigarette, I kissed childhood goodbye….Now I was grown-up.”(117) This was the moment that she felt that she was had grown up. People begin to think that if someone older than them does something, and if they do it too they will be acting like them. It mostly happens with an adult, which the child begins to act like them, that makes the child feel grow. But you are always still growing no matter how old you are. You are always learning new things.

grow.gifWhat does it mean to be grown-


In the book persepolis marji after taking her first cigarette felt that she was all grown up. But their are many things that she has to do before she is all grown up, and taking a cigarette is not one of them.

She feels as if her mom is dictating the house, but she doesn't have to listen to her because she is a grown up. She's said she's already rebelled in '79, and she has cut school and jumped the wall to hang out with an older crowd.

When you are grown up It's usually how you change on the outside and most definitely in the inside. You can grow and get taller but act immature. So you partially grow but not fully because your actions haven't grown. grown_up.jpg
A grown-up is a term just like normal it has many different meanings because it all depends on your opinion. Grown-up means someone who cantake care of them self and be able to ask for help. Being able to be who you can be and not be afrid yet know what you can be. Grown-up can not happen over night, it must be worked on about for years and even suppossed grown-ups can have a lot to learn.