Hoarding can be good as well as dangerous. People could begin to hoard when a war is in progress. When supplies become low and hard to get a hold of, people could also hoard animal. Hoarding supplies that are low is a very good thing to do in a war. For two reasons, the prices could go up real high or even they run out of the supply that you need. On the other hand people that hoard animals, this is good if you got a big place and you are an animal lover. But this is a bit unhealthy by the way they keep the animals living condition. One do not even need to hoard important stuff like food and water, some people go and hoard newspapers or just random trash that they don’t need. This can lead to a fire, health problems, or even getting crushed under the things one is hoarding. hoarding_animals.jpg

Why do people hoard?
Hoarding animals?

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The general definition of hoarding is when there is an excessive amount of items or a certain amount of items, and most of the time they have a significance to the person who is hoarding in the first place. Usually, people hoard items like collectibles, or they save their favorite things like newspapers, or old clothing. The common name for a person who hoards can also be called a "pack-rat." Usually during wars, people hoard as much food as they can get, because usually there might be a difficulty to obtain food during a war. Hoarding usually takes up a lot of space, and can items that are hoarded can take up a whole room or a car.
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