smiley.jpgHoodies are sweaters that most people wear now a days because that's the new style. Its basically a sweater with a hood on it and obviously people wear them to keep themselves warm. external image moz-screenshot-6.jpg
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Well a hoodie is a type of sweat
er that you put over your head or zip up, and its purpose is to keep you warm. Hoodies come in different designs and colors and are for males and females. This type of clothing is good to wear when you want to be comfortable. Hoodies could also come in different forms such as a zipper or no zipper at all.

Hoodies have become very popular in recent years, so much so that they have begun to go past the simple "style" aspect of wearing them. Hoodies now associate themselves with personalities, types of music, and the like. Nowadays, depending on the type of person, someone wearing a hoodie could instantly be considered anything from emo to a thug, rather than just someone trying to stay warm. Also hoodies support a person's unique sense of style or their personalty. Some brands that make really nice hoodies are LRG, Crooks and Castle, Champion, Lot 29, Enyce, Ed Hardy, And many others. Most people also wear hoodies under their clothes to stay warm instead of being in style, but most of the time its for that reason.

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