A hovercar is a transport vehicle appearing in works of science fiction. It is used for personal transportation in the same way a modern automobile is employed.
It is incapable of flying but does elevate itself some distance from the ground through some repulsion technology, presumably exploiting some short range anti-gravity principle so as to eliminate friction forces which act against conventional vehicles. Unlike an air cushion vehicle this does not produce a dust cloud.
The closest real-world device is the hovercraft, which elevates itself above a water or level hard surface using a cushion of air retained by a flexible skirt. Such devices are not considered to be hover cars, however — that term is used only for the fictional device. Examples of hover cars can be found in many science fiction movies and television series such as Star Wars and Star Trek and in futuristic racing video games.
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According to many people Hover Cars are the future vehicles that are going to be used. Hover Cars are cars that don't need any tracks to run. They glide in the air.

"Arthur C. Clarke imagined that the coming of the hovercar would be a revolution in transportation unheard of since Ogg figured out how to make that rolly thing. The hovercar wouldn't need metalled roads, just a more or less level surface to skim over. Motorways would be left to crack and moss over, saving billions in road maintenance without hindering traffic in the least. In many parts of the world, roads would become totally obsolete and moving passengers and goods over plains and deserts would simply be a matter of pointing your machines in the right direction. '

This picture shows a hover car. I hope we will be seeing these soon.

hover cars are cars that fly they are cas to be one day designed and be owned by every one hover cars will make travel alot eaiser and faster