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How money changes peoples lives

Poverty is the biggest issue in this world, it affects people’s lives. The question is how does poverty affects people’s lives? How does poverty affects the Youngers, from the book A Raisin in the Sun? Back then, like around 19th to 20th century’s poverty was the biggest issue ever, they have jobs but they get low wages and it couldn’t support their families. They even have to share apartments with other families because some of them people couldn’t afford the whole rent. Even until now, people still do that. Some people still share apartments with other family (families) they couldn’t afford the whole rent. Poverty affects people’s lives by showing how poor people live, like for example they have to share apartments with other family (families). If they can’t afford the whole rent they have to look for another family to rent with them so they can share the bill because if they don’t some of them might end up living in a street or anywhere that they feel comfortable to live in.

Poverty makes people’s lives different and harder and I think learning about poverty is very interesting because I think poverty is the most common issue in this world and it’s been going on for centuries until now. There are many explanations why poverty occurs but no one knows the exact answer why poverty occurs. So for me its very interesting to study poverty and learn why it occurs no matter how much we try to avoid it, its still occurs. And it really interests me because when I came here in United States my family used to share apartments with two different families and it was only three bedroom apartments. So I kind of relate it to my old situation.

Poverty is all over the world and it’s all over the history. From the book A Raisin in the Sun people back then was living like mess. It was around 1959 when this book was played and it was taken in Southside Chicago. And poverty was the biggest issue in that place; it was also all over world.

From the book the Younger family was talking about money and dreams like they always do. Walter said to Beneatha “Have we figured out yet just exactly how much medical school is?” (36) The Younger family was talking about their dreams and that Beneatha wants to be a doctor but her brother, Walter doesn’t want her to be a doctor because the tuition is too expensive and that they couldn’t afford it.

When Walter and Mama had a conversation about Ruth having a baby and Ruth is going to get an abortion and Walter said she would never do that. Mama told Walter, “When the world gets ugly enough—a woman will do anything for her family. The part that’s already living.” Mama said that Walter because Walter couldn’t believe it that Ruth is getting an abortion and that Ruth is not like that.

Travis asked her mother, Ruth for $.50, “This is the morning we suppose to bring fifty cents to school.” (28) Ruth didn’t give him because she doesn’t have any money and Travis kept on asking her because he needs the money for school.

Ruth got mad at Travis, “I don’t care what teacher says. I ain’t got it. Eat your breakfast, Travis.” (28) Ruth was mad because Travis kept on asking her for the money and she keeps telling him that she don’t have any money but Travis still keep on asking her. She was annoyed.

When Beneatha invited Asagai to come over to their apartment, Mama said “Who is that you inviting over here with this house looking like this? You ain’t got the pride you was born with!” (56) Mama was telling Beneatha that their house is not big, clean and fancy enough to invite someone. The quote involves poverty because their small and they don’t own the whole house, they’re sharing it with other family, and that’s because they’re poor, they couldn’t afford to rent the whole apartment.

The Youngers finally got the check and everybody were really excited, everybody were rushing Mama to open the check and Mama said, “Now don’t act silly…we ain’t never been no people to act silly ‘bout no money-” (68) Mama were telling them that because they were all acting crazy about the check. I know people get crazy when it comes to money because its money but I think Mama told them that because they might change, like their personalities.

When Travis read the numbers, he said “Yes’m…ten thousand dollars. Gaalee, Grandmama, you rich” (69) Travis was really happy because for the first time in their life they feel rich but Mama wasn’t that happy.

Mama opened the check and everybody were very happy except Mama, she said “I spec if it wasn’t for you all…I would just put that money away or give it to the church or something” (69) If Mama did one of those I think it would’ve been stupid because they need the money and she said it like she doesn’t need it. You got to admit everybody needs money. Especially her because she has family to support, I know it’s not really her obligation.

Walter told Mama that money is life and Mama said “Oh- So now its life. Money is life. Once upon a time freedom used to be life- now its money I guess the world really do change…” (74) I think Mama was disappointed because her family is acting all different I think since they found out that there was a check that is coming. I agree that the world has changed and that money became people’s lives. It’s ok if people act very, very happy when they get money but I think it’s not good if you change just because of money. Changing your personalities because of money is the same as selling yourself.

Life isn’t easy as we all thought it was. Life is like a challenge you have to pass all of the requirements to get to the next level. Poverty is one of the challenges but we never get away from that challenge. I think in this world there is no solution about poverty we just got to live with it.