Iran Hostage Crisis- On November 4, 1979, while Jimmy Carter was president, Iranian students took about fifty two Americans captive in the United States Embassy in Tehran. Earlier that year, Reza Shah had been overthrown by the Islamic revolutionary government and this ended relations with Iran and the United States. Much of Iran was angry at the US when the Shah was able to enter the United States, and so about 52 American captives were there for about 444 days. hostage.jpg The conditions that these hostages were in were very poor since many of these students didn't have the resources to take care of them and most of the Americans were senior citizens with horrible health conditions. After agreements with the United States, these hostages were finally set free and were able to see their families once more. This crisis occurred right after the Shah of Iran was overthrow. It was probably done in order to show the United States that the Iranians did not want a good relationship with the US. This event was also an important reason for the downfall of President Jimmy Carter.

Here is a link on a man who kept a diary entry through this whole crisis.

The Iran Hostage crisis was a crisis between Iran and the Unites States of America where 52 diplomats were held hostage for 444 days fro, November 4,1979 to January 20, 1981. This was due to the fact that a group of Iranian students had taken over the U.S embassy in support of the Iranian revolution.

Iran Hostage Crisis