Below you can put your opinion on what you think:

Luvana: In my opinion, I feel that Billy is perfectly sane. From what I have read, I find Billy to use the Tralfamadorians as a way to express how he really feels about time. To me, I think Billy is using his imagination to articulate how he perceives time differently, from the Earthlings he is surrounded by.

Bryan: This seems like a very controversial topic to discuss. Though many feel that there is nothing wrong with him, I believe that his perspective of things has changed since the airplane crash that was involved in. Before the crash and his hospitalization, he was an overachiever that had a prosperous future ahead of him. After the incident, his life started going wrong. His wife died of poisoning, and most importantly, he lost interest in Optometry, leaving it up to his family to take over the business. Adding on, shortly after his recovery, he decided to tell the world of his abduction by the Tralfamadorians. All this made it hard for anyone to believe him, especially his daughter Barbara. In a conversation between Billy and Barbara, they discuss this matter, "'What is it about my letter that makes you so mad?' Billy wanted to know. 'It's all just crazy. None of it's true!' 'It's all true.'"(29) These accounts not only embarrassed Barbara and his family, but it made some feel ashamed to even be related to him, and made them think he was a lunatic. Some time before this, Vonnegut states, "Barbara was only twenty-one years old. But she thought her father was senile, even though he was only forty-six- senile because of damage to his brain in the airplane crash." (28) Due to the fact that before the traumatic crash, Billy had never mentioned the planet of Tralfamadore or anything abnormal, contributes to the claim that he is insane. Some more factors that support this is his ability to travel through time. How is this possible? Whenever he does this, he never knows where he is going to end up; questioning if really is traveling through time, or just making stuff up. Vonnegut explains, "Billy is spastic in time, he has no control over where he is going next, and the trips aren't necessarily fun. He is in a constant state of stage fright, he says, because he never knows what part of his life he is going to have to act in next." (23) This account only worsens Billy's position of whether or not it's a fluke or the real deal. Only time will tell if Billy is sane.

David: After reading the second chapter of Slaughterhouse five, I feel that Billy Pilgrim is Insane. I mean the reasons why I feel this man is isane is because he talks about his encounter with these so-called Tralfamadorians. He knows so much about them, he knows what their planet is called and he even mentions what the Tralfamadorians had said about Earthlings "These creatures were freindly , and they could see in 4 dimensions. They pitied earthlings for being able to see only three"(33). then he says he has gone to their planet and that they have taught him to view life a different way. But i feel that its not his fault he's crazy or his going crazy. This man has really been through a lot. If you notice he was part of World War II, and he was involved in a plane crash. He was the only one to survive, while he was recuperating in the hospital his wife had died. He had a terrible childhood. This man really has suffered a lot. Maybe he is telling the truth on when he was kidnapped by these wierd creatures. Maybe these creatures saw that Billy went through a lot in his life, so they decided to change his life. You never know, these creatures might have done this kidnapping so Bily could announce it on the radio and people can see and view life like Billy, to see that these Tralmafadores arent bad creatures.

Mark: In my opinion I believe that Billy is insane because he believes that he has been on the alien planet Tralfamadore which most likely never existed. He didn't start talking about these aliens until the plane crash which screwed his mind up. Not only does he talk about aliens but he can also travel through time randomly. He even gives an odd reason to why he was at his daughters wedding even though he was kidnapped by aliens and brought to Tralfamadore. He tells his daughter that he can be away from Earth by billions of miles but still be away from his home for not even a minute.

Andrea: Overall looking at all of the events that has happened in his life it seems as if he is insane but not because it is his fault. It is very common that after having been part of a war especially World War II many soldiers have been diagnosed with having problems because of all the traumatic images that must have been seen during that time. Another explanation could be the fact that he was in a plane crash that may have almost lead to his death. During this plan crash all of the passengers except for Billy, died, and then while he was recovering his wife was on her way to visit him, but then she died from carbon-monoxide poisoning. In the past he has stated that he has experienced moments of his life very suddenly without warning Vonnegut explains that "Billy is spastic in time, he has no control over where he is going next, and the trips aren't necessarily fun. He is in constant state of stage fright, he says, because he never knows what part of his life is going to have to act in next" (29-LB) Most people don't usually experience these kinds of things and even if they did they would probably feel as if they were crazy. Even Billy's own daughter felt that her father was crazy after hearing what Billy had to say about the Tralfamadorians on the radio station. Thousands of people heard that Billy said "He had been kidnapped by a flying saucer in 1967. The saucer was from the planet Tralfamadore..."(32-LB) In my opinion I think that considering the things that he has gone through he has the right to express these feelings. Just because he talks about these aliens it doesn't necessarily mean he's crazy but it may just be his own way to get away from this world and the depression he feels from the people around him. When he talked about being with the Tralfamadorians it seemed as if he seemed more relaxed he already knew what was going to happen to him because of the way on which time was explained to him.

Kari: Billy's perspective on viewing time and life is unusual and peculiar which makes him seem as a lunatic. He claims that he has visited a planet known as Tralfamadore and that the aliens (Tralfamdorians) from this planet have taught him to view life a different way. The different events that Billy has lived through justifies the reasons why these declarations are not zany and outrageous. Beginning Chapter 2, we see that Billy looses his motivation and enthusiam to live. He tells us that during his childhood, he faced tormenting experiences such as the time his father had thrown him in the swimming pool at Y.M.C.A. and the time he was standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon. Billy, himself, didn't like these childhood moments because they represented death. At the swimming pool, because he didn't know how to swim, he sunk and fainted. There was a slight chance where he could've died. Standing at the rim of the Grand Canyon also made him imagine about the many deaths that were caused. There could've been a slight chance where he could've died as well. He also became a prisoner of war at the age of 18, where Billy lived through a period of agony, fear, panic , persecution and shock.
As a result of all of these traumatic experiences, he lost inspiration to continue with life. For this reason, I believe that he states that a planet known as Tralfamadore exists. This basically was a way for him to recuperate the motives and purposes of living life. "The Tralfamadorians" taught him how to view all the positive aspects of life. This way he wouldn't suffer when he traveled back to the period of war. We even learn in Chapter 5, that the Tralfamadorians always lived in peace because they learned to ignore the dreadful moments of life. Overall, Billy is not insane; he just discovered a new way of viewing life and time.

Roman: Billy in my opinion is not insane but not sane either.Lets get this straight there is nothing sane about making up your own race of people but in a wierd way he does it so people don't think he is crazy. My theory is this race of Tralfmadorians are made because he doesn't want to be riticuled for his way of thinking of time. He makes this race up as a escape route. He tries to cover up his own different ideas by creating his own race of beings which see time in the way that his mind feels it should be seen. He is a man who is obsessed with a race of beings that only exsist in his mind. Now in some ways that does make him insane in some ways it's only a defect of his own defense mechanism, but I still place him on the brink of insanity and not totally off the cliff.

Emilio: In my opinion, __Billy Pilgrim__ is a strange character that coincidentally happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Billy's perception of time and life has changed since his peculiar abduction, and this might have caused Billy's insane behavior, but Billy is nonetheless a normal character in the sense that before his experiences he viewed life in an eccentric perspective. After his exotic trip through time Billy lost his motivation and it causes him to develop a sense of __Fatalism__, which is the sudden belief that life is not worth reforming, instead you should let events occur at the time it was meant to be. These kinds of occurrences can really traumatize someone's life in a negative way. Billy also became a prisoner of war and even saw his own death once or twice. After all of these life-changing experiences, Billy comes into character and almost creates a persona that believes in aliens and there way of living. The __tralfamadorians__ teach Billy that time is just a factor in life and it is a panorama view in which events occur one after the other. These alien species take Billy on a journey through his life that almost has to effect this man in some sort of way. After the spastic journey Billy attempts to the world on a radio show about his life in an insane manner. It was really random, declaring that you witnessed aliens and took a vacation through time. Although the Tralfamadorians had a positive influence on Billy, upon his return he stood out as the unique one with a story to tell the world. Billies life journey include a trip through World War II , a trip to the __Grand_Canyon__ and a trip through most of his childhood. Billy in my point of view, is a unique individual who went through a series of events that might have scrambled his mind a little and placed him in an alternate reality, but not ultimately his objectives in life were sane. Billy is sane, but he might have had an experience that made him somewhat insane, as to how he build and keeps his life enthusiastic. So overall, Billy is sane and his insane lifestyle is what caused him to go into a somewhat crazy mode or stage.

Sharon: Well to be honest I think Billy Pilgrim is insane, because he wasn't like that he never talked about aliens or about time. That didn't happened at all he was living a normal life, he was doing really great with his family. His daughter marrying a rich person and his son fighting in the war. But then everything he got involved with a plane crash everybody except for him. While he recovering he lost something special and that was his wife, she died of Carbon-Monoxide. What I think was how he lost everything he lost the love of his wife. Then all of sudden he was talking about how these aliens took to a planet from away, he said he captured by the aliens before his daughter wedding. What's really confusing is, why is he talking about it now, what made him talk about it. I think it was the plane crash that made him crazy.

Kurt Vonnegut's situation is a tough one to analyze. If his childhood was different than his adulthood, then I would give a nod to insanity. The only problem with that is that it is. He thought totally different when he was young compared to his senior years. Trying to categorize him makes me think if maybe we are all insane. We thought differently a couple of years ago so that puts me right back to the starting line. I believe his experiences in his late years have really done a number on his mind. Many people think he's 100% insane because of the Tralfamadorian idea. I don't believe he's insane but, like Roman, I don't believe he's sane either. Instead I just think there's a problem with him. If he was insane, he would have been in a hospital by now. Maybe he needs to let his thoughts out to relieve himself. Either way, I believe he is not insane nor sane. He's crazy!!!

Well to be honest I think that guy is really crazy, I believed all this alien and time travelling is all false. The only reason he acts like because, it was the plane crash that he was involved. I guess thta made him really crazy, I think he's nuts. I think all the things he talks about is all non-sense, but the way he describes it seems he knows what he's talking about. Kurt Vonnegut is just a person who's lost his mind, It's just weird how he was normal one day and then all of a sudden he's crazy the next. He's just a crazy man.

Courtney: In my opinion, I feel Billy is insane yet seems to be coming up with relevant and influential ideas. I feel mainly that he is insane because all of these ideas of these creatures seemed to arise after he suffered brain damage after a plane crash. Many may argue that the crash was an awakening for him to spread this word, or because this accident damaged his head, he could not think straight any longer. For this reason, his own daughter Barbara doubts his sanity, for he was perfectly sane and successful before the crash occured. The main issue here, however, is where did all of these ideas arise from? I feel that these are the by-products and made up stories of a man whose head was busted....never to function correctly again. Barbara, his daughter, brings up a key point when speaking to her father about these Tralfamadorians asking, " 'Why is it you never mentioned any of this before the plane crash?'...'I didn't think the time was ripe.' " (30) This quote obviously shows that he is a crazy mentally-disturbed man, whose excuse for finally coming out with this new knowledge he aquired about life and time form these tralfamadorians is because he didn't think the time was "ripe". Although, in a sense ripe and right are synonyms in that rype refers to being finished and ready to be eaten or exposed, it is not something a very sane person would say. Overall, I feel that Billy spoke these crazy words because after this crash, he no longer wanted to live, as it is shown in future chapters. These ideas were the outcome of intense thinking, which became blurred with hallucinations of these creatures. It sounds a lot to me like science fiction, which he actually loved to read.

Gabriel: well first of all what is insane? to find out what insane is i think first you have to define what normal is. because what is sane is basically what normal is. how you percieve things is what makes you sane. the way that Billy percieves things are very different from the way that we do. Billy has a tendancy to jump through different ime periods in his life without his own control. that would probably make him insane if he can't control his wn memories. but as far as sane goes, he was in college for a semester until he got drafted to fight in WW II. and usually in collge they would notice by the type of work you present if your insane or not. he would have probably stayed in college and gotten a good education if it weren't for him being drafted. so in my opinion he does have mental issues for sure but he also was at one point before the war very sane. it was probably after or during the war where he lost it. maybe it was the war that drove him over the edge....

Andres: I sort of agree with Gabe mean what the hell passes for insanity nowadays i think somethings are crazy both most of the time it turns out some people think it normal. Whatever i think that Billy really crazy now matter what any stubborn person says. First of all he thinks he knows aliens and that he is unstuck in time. If your telling me he's not crazy then your crazy too. If the war or the plane crash effected him it matters not becuase the question is is he crazy, not how did he become crazy or stick up for Billy cause he's crazy just is he crazy,and he sure is