John Isidore is a character we meet in chapter two. He is considered a special also known as a chickenhead,because he had failed to pass the minimum faculties test and also becuase he was affected by the radiation going on in the world at that time. It has altered him mentally and physically in some ways. . He works as a driver for the Van Ness Pet Hospital, a false-animal repair firm, so people can make their electric pets seem realistic (They need to be taken care of and have attention given too.) . His boss is Hannibal Sloat. Since he does not own a clock, he relies on his t.v. which has only one channel. He lives alone in a deteriorating building in San Francisco. The silence/emptiness of the building disturbs him. He feels depressed and alone. He uses the empathy box to escape from the world. He appears to a place which looks familiar to him, like he's been there before. He begins climbing the drab setting, but there are people up top, slowing him down, throwing obstacles. Isidore has no animal. At the end of the chapter, Isidore hears another TV set and takes it to mean that there is a newcomer in the building. This makes him happy since he is tired of being alone. He wants to greet the person, but doesn't know how, so he decides to ask them for some margarine. His fear about greeting this person, however, is the fact that the person might think differently of him because he is a special. He decides to hide this part of his identity and greet the newcomer. He slips and ends up having to come clean about being a chickenhead. Pris, the newcomer, takes this to her advantage and claims that everything he knows is made up by his radiation affected brain.

John Isidore is a character in the book, Do Androids Believe in Electric Sheep? John Isidore plays a major role in the setting because he was infected in the war. During the war a radiation gas was in the community and it affected many people. He was one of them. He didn't wear a codpiece to protect his reproductive system so it got infected and now he is unable to be fertile. These types of people are called specials.

John Isidore is a different character that is considered to be a speacial because the past radiation had had an affect in him. Being a special he is not allowed to own any animals. He has a job working at the Van Ness Hospital. Specials are anyone that have been affected by the war or radiation. Being a special is not easy and other people look at him differently.