Kim Wilde, born on November 18, 1960, is an English pop singer.

Kim Wilde is one of the most recognized singers in England and even though she isn't known in the U.S she still appears in American shows. She started her musical career when she was around 18 like most pop singers.

In 1980, Kim Wilde signed with producer Mickie Most's Rak Records, releasing her first single, "Kids in America," early in 1981. "Kids in America" climbed to number two on the British charts that spring, while her second single, "Chequered Love," made it into the Top Ten; her self-titled debut album performed as well as her singles. The following year, "Kids in America" became a Top 40 hit in America.

She married Hal Fowler in 1996 and had a child 2 years later. In 2000, her daughter was born. She was also interested in gardening and in 2004 she printed her first book “Gardening with Children.”

She is pretty much what we call a "One-hit Wonder," where you make a song that every human being on earth has listened too, it stays around the top 5 for a month, and then it falls from the charts and you don't make another large hit.

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You can read more about her here.

In the book "Persepolis," Marjane has western culture in her because she listens to Kim Wilde.