Kleenex is a brand that produces napkins/ napkins. The claim that their tissues or one of the softest and that they are comfortable to the nose or any other body part that they are being rubbed on.
This is one of their quotes for one of their products:
"These Kleenex® facial tissues have softness, strength and absorbency for your everyday needs. The right size for anywhere in your home."

Kleenex is a named brand tissue company and they specialize in making tissues soft and comfortable for when one has a cold or just has to sneeze. There newest product is a tissue that has olive oil on to make it smell good but also to calm the nose down. Really useful.
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Kleenex was first introduced to everybody in1924. Back then around that time Kleenex was so cheap
that they sold 100 sheets for only around 65 cents. As of right now Kleenex has been used more times then any
other tissue company in the world. http://www.kleenex.com/NA/FAQ.aspx#H01

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