Luba Luff is another Nexus-6 android. Or at least she is believed to be one. She is an opera singer for the San Francisco Opera Company. Rick finds her to be a good singer. When given the test, she doesn't answer the questions. She has questions about everything and doesn't have a strong English vocabulary. She understands the German language clearer than the english language. She thinks Rick is a sexual deviant because of the questions on the test and ends up calling the cops on him.

Luba Luff also plays an important role in Rick's life because when she is killed by another bounty hunter, he wonders what her role in society would've been if she had just been alive, "“She was a superb singer…I don’t get it; how can a talent like that be a liability to our society? But it wasn’t the talent…it was she herself.”

She had never done anything wrong and she had a wonderful talent as an opera singer. He started to wonder if killing androids was right or if it just meant he was a mass murderer with no empathy towards these other creatures that weren't like him. Luba Luff was attractive and, like all androids, gives up easily when they are about to die and Rick felt some type of attraction towards her that he never thought was possible. The other bounty hunter told him it was normal and that you should just get what you want, than kill it. Rick Deckard began to wonder what type of world he lived in.