M.A.D. which stands for Mutually Assured Destruction, called for the near-term elimination of all nuclear weapons. It describes a defense strategy that says that neither the United States or its enemies will start a nuclear war because both sides will have the same end: destruction. "Whoever shoots first, dies second. "All of these countries knew that they would not benefit from any nuclear weapons since it would mean that whoever shoots will end up with the same fate. It would be a lose-lose situtation and so in 1961, it was said to "ban" the use of nuclear weapons, even though we still have them, for "protection."

A strategic doctrine believed that nuclear war could be prevented if both sides could not survive a full scale nuclear exchange. Neither side can be expected or allowed to defend itself against the other's nuclear missles.
MAD can be referred to as nuclear deterrence.

An example of what could be our doom here
in NYC or D.C. if M.A.D. does not work out:

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An example of mass nuclear production was the cold war.