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In the book " Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?" the mood organ is a device where you can change what mood you want to be in.

Mood Organ

A mood organ is a device that characters in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? use to pick the mood they want to be in. It's not clear how it exactly work but they just dial a number into the machine that corresponds with the mood they want to be/ experience. It is also referred to as a Penfield.

So far, we have seen some examples of the moods that it can incite in people:
-Happiness to be awake
-professional attitude
-Awareness of the manifold possibilities open to one in the future; hopefulness (#481)
-Desire to watch TV no matter what's on (#888)
-Desire to dial something on the mood organ (#3)
-Ecstatic sexual bliss
-Pleased acknowledgment of husband's superior wisdom in all matters (#594)
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In the book, only certain people are allowed to have the mood organ since one of the "specials" in the book, John Isidore has no contact with this mood organ. He sees the world differently than others since his emotions aren't controlled by this mood organ. This organ seems to have some type of movement with the brain? The mood organ is also a part of the religion Mercerism.

The mood organ controls everyone's emotions they are the way that the whole world is controlled. Its sorta-of ironic how they have every single emotion you can ever think of. Its as if your a robot instead of human and i guess that robots are more like humans

The mood organ can control the emotions that a person can feel whenever they want to feel that certain feeling. the mood organ change change just about any mood that a person sets for themselves

In the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, th mood organ plays an important role. Peoples feeling are based on the mood organ. I personally would not like to use a mood Organ. I wouldn't like to use a mood Organ because it's not your real feelings. It's artificial feelings. It controls your emotions.
The mood organ seems to be a new form of technology that controls peoples emotions. The person that is using the mood organ has to dial a number and every number has a significant emotion expressed. It can range from feeling mad, happy, and even depressed.Which is the feeling that Iran wanted to feel but Rick convinced her not to dial that so he tells her that he would dial for both of them and sneakily dials pleased acknowledgment of husband superior wisdom in all matter.
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external image loneliness1.jpg The mood organ, you can dial on the phone which mood you want. Its like a technology.

Mood Organ

A device which allows you to dial the mood you would like to have.
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Humans have the ability to feel certain ways depending on the situation or their surrounding. People can feel scared when in a scary or dim situation such as stuck inside a burning house. Now humans don't have total control over their mood or emotions, but that all changes thanks a little device called a mood organ. The mood organ is a device from the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? in where the user or owner of the device can dial in a number in order to feel a certain way. Some moods that range from depression to happiness. Sure it be nice to have such a device but then it wouldn't be the same as having real natural human emotions rather than depending on a machine to tell you on how to feel.

the mood organ is used in the book do androids dream of eletric sheep, it is used to change ones mood

In the book ANdroids, mood organs are used to determine your addittude and emtotions and your mood. There are different dials for the mood organ. The highest number i have seen has been in the 600 which means there are over 600 moods that you can use.